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introduction: monica. richmond. twentyone. pisces. copywriter. dreamer. sleeper. procrastinator. cynic.
“nothing to me feels as good as laughing incredibly hard." - steve carell

i like funny things. i like music. i like film. i like books.
i'm into design and writing but i'd love to get involved in the film industry someway, somehow.
don't be afraid if you see a lot of andrew garfield, interior design, harry potter and blink-182 on this blog.
Posts tagged with spinning a menorah.

Craig McDermott: Are you sure that’s Paul Allen over there? 
Timothy Bryce: Yes. McDufus, I am. 
Craig McDermott: He’s handling the Fisher account. 
Timothy Bryce: Lucky bastard. 
Craig McDermott: Lucky Jew bastard. 
Patrick Bateman: Jesus, McDermott, what does that have to do with anything? 
Craig McDermott: I’ve seen that bastard sitting in his office, talking on the phone to the CEOs, spinning a fucking menorah. 
Patrick Bateman: Not a menorah. You spin a dreidel. 
Craig McDermott: Oh, my God. Bateman, do you want me to fry you up some fucking potato pancakes? Some latkes?